Why isn't my current web site getting me print subscriptions?

Is your web site:

• filled with real content and updated regularly?
• search engine tuned for HTML and URL generation as well as database structure?
• ranked high in the most important search engines?
• hosted on a web server that has been optimised for serving search engine crawlers?

If ‘no’ or you are unsure, contact us.

Does your web site:

• include a subscription form with flexible payment options?
• Allow you to easily set up and manage multiple subscription packages?

If ‘no’, check out the Pressflex Subscription Engine or contact us.

Why do search engines matter?

Search engines give you access to 500 million internet users, including 33 million in the UK. The vast majority of these people have never heard of your magazine. Some of them would subscribe if only they knew it existed. By ranking highly in the most important search engines, you will no longer miss out on these searchers.

Estimated searches per month on Google (Pressflex research conducted in May, 2002):

  • 68,400 : accountancy
  • 11,400 : Asian London
  • 934.400 : estate agent(s)
  • 57,000 : FTSE
  • 22,800 : golf links
  • 5,700 : hen night
  • 85,500 : Inland Revenue
  • 17,100 : Joanna Lumley
  • 28,500 : Knightsbridge
  • 108,300 : Lloyds
  • 284,900: NHS
  • 68,400: Slough
  • 170,900: snooker
  • 163,800: UK magazine(s)
  • 11,400 : UK interior design

How long will it be before the first subscriptions start trickling in?

The Pressflex Marketing Engine typically begins delivering print subscriptions six weeks after launch. This is the period normally needed for search engines to register the site. Thanks to Pressflex’s focus on search-engine tuning both the database architecture and HTML structure of its Marketing Engine, once registered, clients rank high in the most important search engines. From then on out your site is cash flow positive, yielding an ROI of 200%-700%.

For more information please click contact us.

Why is the Pressflex Marketing Engine so much cheaper than other services I have looked into?

By pooling technology and know-how with other newspapers and magazines, Pressflex clients achieve reliable, cost-effective web sites. You don’t need to pay for the development of your web site from the ground up, but rent Pressflex’s client-proven software.

For more information contact us.

Will my web site cannibalise my print product?

No. Contrary to common wisdom, content-rich web sites bring more readers to the print product than they take away. Articles on your site provide content for search engines to index. An average Pressflex magazine web sites brings 500-1500 visitors each day, up to 80% of whom come from search engines. These visitors have likely never heard of your magazine and found it only when searching for a term covered in your publication. Your unique content will convert some of these visitors into subscribers. Pressflex clients get up to 25 new subscriptions per week. The break even level is 1-4 subscriptions, depending on your profit margin on each sale.

See also Pressflex’s survey on the marketing effect of lifestyle magazine web sites.

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The OECD Observer magazine has jumped from being invisible to being highly ranked on the world’s main search engines. Pressflex has done what it said it would do when we teamed up in 1999.

Rory Clarke Editor, OECD Observer


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