From Budapest to Chapel Hill


Budapest, Hungary
Most of Pressflex's technical and consulting team work in Budapest, not far from the cafe that inspired the "six degrees" concept. Our software is built by graduates of the university that produced Rubik's cube, the atomic bomb, goulash, the carburetor, the four-wheel sprung carriage and the ball point pen. Pressflex's polyglot consultants cajole publishers across Europe.


Chapel Hill, NC
Our colleagues in the US enjoy the humid splendor of the Research Triangle, a technology center in North Carolina. They work on: AdBiblio, an advertising service for book publishers; Racery, a host of virtual races for companies and charities; and WhichWorksBest, an online toolkit for single person (n-of-1) experiments. Plenty of start-ups and smart people make the Triangle a cutting-edge infopolis.

Tel: +1 919 307-9404‬

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The OECD Observer magazine has jumped from being invisible to being highly ranked on the world’s main search engines. Pressflex has done what it said it would do when we teamed up in 1999.

Rory Clarke Editor, OECD Observer


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