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Article display, cross-referenced by sections, subsections, issues

  • ensures clear navigational system AND search engine optimization

Various content /text display

  • headline/(subheading+)summary/full story

Upload Multiple Images

  • display up to four images in a single article

Password protection

  • Client is able to protect the content of the articles behind the "More..." link on a per article or per section basis. Registered users get full access via a Login box. Users can set their own passwords. Client can set up accounts for users.


Features for enhancing the number of pageviews and retain visitors

Related articles

  • displayed in the end of the full story
  • offers content-related articles /texts
  • keyword-based article display (organized by editors)
  • category-based article display (automated)

Most read articles box

  • displays clickable headlines of the most popular articles of the last 7 days, 2 weeks and month.

E-mail alert

  • text-based or html newsletter

RSS feeds

Social bookmarks

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...


Features for providing information to visitors

Events calendar

  • allows specifying the search by dates, location, keywords and categories
  • visitors can submit new items

Advanced links index / directory

  • directory of industry links
  • visitors can submit new items

Full archive search/browsable archives

  • advanced searchin allows specifying  dates, location, keywords, categories, sections


  • reinforces the online community the sites are building
  • visitors can submit new items

Marquee text

  • offers updates and extra information


Site commercialization

Banner/button/popup adserving

  • provides advertising space, which is typically used either as an upsell opportunity to print advertisers or as a complementary service offered when advertisers would ask for a discount
  • flexible ad placements
  • multiple ad sizes
  • Pressflex consultants available for campaign strategies

Features - Functionality and benefits

  • allows content /category based ad serving integration
  • exhaustive statistics

HTML/text based e-mail alerts

  • ensures constant information flow to qualified visitors about the site – teases readers to come back and eventually sign up for a qualified copy

Google Adsense integration

  • Google's program places contextually relevant ads on the sites


Back office

Userfriendly uploading system

  • Preview function
  • File manager / Image manager
  • Input / publish / auto publish / select for front / unpublish / archive

Customizable items

  • colors
  • masthead
  • box headline texts
  • text boxes
  • article displays
  • number and order of sections/categories

Archiving system

  • can be automated

Industry standard Google analytics integrated into admin

  • exhaustive stats
  • sorting by dates
  • visits, visitors, popular pages, etc.
  • downloadable .csv file


Other Features

News stickers

  • scrolling breaking news

Headline sharing (Top headlines from our publications)

  • clickable and dynamically updated headlines displayed on other sites hosted by Pressflex

Category headlines (Latest news)

  • 5-10 headlines of a specific category displayed on frontpage

Comments integration

  • builds and maintains online community

Third party content integration

  • ensures sponsored pages with external content

Photo gallery

  • comfortable display of your photos in folders
  • enlarging photos

The Pressflex Services:


The OECD Observer magazine has jumped from being invisible to being highly ranked on the world’s main search engines. Pressflex has done what it said it would do when we teamed up in 1999.

Rory Clarke Editor, OECD Observer


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