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In English

International Federation of the Periodical Press
December 12, 2001
European Magazines Have Online Success But Could Do Better

This is local London
February 14, 2001
Press has yet to flex its online muscle

In French

April 18, 2001
Le Web clés en main

IFRA - techniques de presse
March 2001
Le sentiment de préparer l'avenir

La Tribune
January 11, 2001
Pressflex propose des sites clés en main à la presse

October 18, 2000
Ces magazines qui snobent le Web

In Hungarian

March 1, 2002
Átalakuló médiafogyasztás, kannibálok helyett partnerek

Magyar Hírlap
October 19, 2001
Aki tartalmat ad, elõfizetõt nyer

Magyar Hírlap
December 1, 2000
Online lapkészítés magyar tudással, amerikai tõkébõl

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The OECD Observer magazine has jumped from being invisible to being highly ranked on the world’s main search engines. Pressflex has done what it said it would do when we teamed up in 1999.

Rory Clarke Editor, OECD Observer


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